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Case File X430275

Subject: Special Agent Fox William Mulder


Agent Mulder is convinced that his sister was abducted by aliens while he was paralyzed by some unknown power, and his memories altered. He believes that extraterrestrial powers, perhaps aided by rouge government organizations, are continually visiting this planet. These unusual beliefs have earned him the nickname "Spooky" among his peers. He is not known to associate closely with other agents save for his partner, Agent Scully. Although he is well respected professionally, personally he is considered a maverick by other agents. His personality does not fit the profile of the ideal Bureau agent, although his record of success in his assigned area puts him among the top agents now working in the Federal system.

Name: Fox William Mulder

Badge Number: JTT047101111

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 170 pounds

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Date of Birth: 13 October 1961

Birthplace: Chilmark, MA

Current Address: (address unknown)

Apt. 42 Alexandria, VA

Telephone: (202) 555-9355

Distinguishing Marks/Features: Mole on right cheek.

Marital Status: Unmarried

Father's Name: William "Bill" Mulder (see Classified Folder).

Formerly of the State Department

Father's Address: West Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Mother's Name: (unknown)

Mother's Address: 2790 Vine Street, Chilmark, Massachusetts

Siblings: One sister, Samantha Ann Mulder, born 22 January 1964.

Disappeared 27 November 1973. (X-File X-42053)

Education: Oxford University, A.B. in Psychology, 1982. Quantico FBI Training

Academy, 1984

Publications: On Serial Killers and the Occult, Monograph, 1988.

(as M. F. Luder) article in Omni magazine, 1993

Current Rank: Special Agent

Weapon: Smith and Wesson 1056 (9mm rounds)

Agents Mulder and Scully battle the paranormal every Sunday on Fox. They have come across everything form aliens to big feet, vampires to serial killers, and mutants to sewage monsters.

Agent Mulder's FBI History

1983-1986: Oxford University

1986: Enters Quantico Academy immediately after graduation from Oxford. Earns nickname "Spooky."

1988: Assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit under the supervision of ASAC Reggie Purdue. On his first case, Agent Mulder distinguished himself in the pursuit of bank robber John Barnett.

June 16, 1989: Agent Mulder undergoes regression hypnosis with Dr. Heitz Werber, after which Agent Mulder becomes convinced his sister was abducted by extraterrestrial forces.

1991: Agent Mulder persuades his superiors to transfer him to the X-Files section, where he has operated ever since, reporting first to the head of the VCU, Section Chief Blevins, and later to Assistant Director Walter Skinner.

March 6, 1992: Fears that Agent Mulder's work in the X-Files section is getting out of control lead Chief Blevins to assign Agent Dana K. Scully to the X-Files section as Agent Mulder's partner.

1993: Agent Mulder is called for a hearing with Section Chief Joseph McGrath of the Office of Professional Responsibility after trespassing on a crime scene under military jurisdiction, and after accusations of interfering with a military operation and impeding an investigation were lodged against him. All charges were later dropped.

April 1994: Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner investigates charges brought by Eugene Victor Tooms that Agent Mulder was engaging in harassment of Mr. Tooms, who had been released from incarceration. Tooms was later killed in an industrial accident.

May 1994: AD Skinner shuts down the X-Files section and reassigns Agents Mulder and Scully.

October 1994: Agent Alex Krycek is partnered with Agent Mulder.

November 1994: Following Agent Scully's abduction by fugitive Duane Barry (X-File X73317), AD Skinner re-opens the section. Agent Krycek fails to report to work after Agent Scully's abduction, and is currently wanted for questioning in her disappearance.

May 1995: AD Walter Skinner requests a hearing with Agent Mulder, Agent Scully, and members of the Office of Professional Responsibility after an unprovoked physical assault by Agent Mulder. Agent Mulder does not attend the meeting. The following day, Agent Mulder's father is shot to death in his house while Agent Mulder is present.