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The Marge Page

Marge Simpson: Fretful mother

Marge's responsibilities include Homer Snuggling, Cupcake Baking, Over-Worrying, Perpetual Cleaning, TV Violence Crusading, Diaper Changing and Unbearable Mothering.

Height: 8'1" (in stocking feet)


Marge is the putty that just barely holds the Simpson family together week after week. By sensibly drawing the line at such frivolous expenses as an electric garage door opener and changes of clothing for her children, Marge manages to stretch Homer's modest salary to cover the tremendous costs incurred by a family of the '90's: Homer's beer and donut supply, and such necessary expenses as his recent day trip to India to meet the owner of the Kwik-E-Mart Corporation.

However, Marge doesn't just bake cookies and stand by her man. She has been on both sides of the "thin blue line." Not only has she served on Springfield's police department for a short while, but with her freewheeling neighbor Ruth Powers, she has gone on a high-speed consciousness-raising adventure, even outwitting and outrunning Police Chief Wiggum himself. She has also starred in "Oh, Streetcar!," a musical adaptation of "A Streetcar Named Desire," worked at the local nuclear power plant alongside her husband. Before leaving that job, Marge bravely accused plant owner Montgomery Burns of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, Marge's attorney, Lionel Hutz, threw in the towel when he saw that Mr. Burns' lawyers owned suits with matching jackets and pants.

Marge's one extravagance is having her tall blue hair done twice a day. Her hair does come in handy, however, as it enables the Simpsons to locate one another easily when they visit an amusement park or zoo.

I am in desperate need of Marge pictures, please send some in.

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