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The Maggie Page

Maggie Simpson Perpetual Infant

Natural Habitat: From the floor to 24" above the floor; anything present in this zone is fair game for yanking, coloring, ingesting or covering with various fluids.

Prized Possession: Neglecto-brand Pacifier, Model #S423, medium nipple

Collected Speeches: "Daddy!"

Motto: "Sucksuck... suck."


Over five seasons, we've watched Maggie grow from a cute pacifier-sucking infant into a cute pacifier-sucking infant who's said her first word, "Daddy." Having learned one new word in five years, Maggie places just behind Bart and slightly ahead of Homer in vocabulary development. For an infant who can neither talk nor walk with any consistency, Maggie nonetheless leads an exciting and rewarding life. She is perhaps proudest of the baby escape she led at the Springfield Daycare Center. Maggie is almost always in a good mood, although once she did develop a rivalry with the mysterious one-eybrowed baby who lives down the street. Angry pacifier sucks were exchanged.

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