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The Bart Page

Bart Simpson Ten-year-old menace

Aliases: El Barto, Bartman

Things Bart has Destroyed:

Statue of Jebediah Springfield, Sideshow Bob's career in crime, The conspiracy against Krusty the Clown, Lisa's Thanksgiving centerpiece, Springfield Elementary's learning environment, The Roger Meyers Studio, producers of Itchy & Scratchy, Mrs. Krabappel's will to live.


Bart is the most misunderstood Simpson. He is constantly frustrated by the narrow-minded people of Springfield who judge him merely by his thoughts and actions. At heart, he's just a good kid with a few bad ideas and one or two that are still being reviewed by the Springfield district attorney. Basically, Bart is no different from any ordinary fourth grader. He enjoys skateboarding, bubble gum, caring for his pet elephant, appearing on the "Conan O'Brien Show" and single-handedly bringing a homicidal TV sidekick to justice, twice.

Bart rides an academic roller coaster, his grades running the loop-the-loop from F to D-, and back again. But he can be ingenious when the chips are down -- as long as his ingenuity is never applied to anything school-related. He even learned portions of the Talmud to help reunite his idol, Krusty the Clown, with Krusty's father, Rabbi Krustofsky.

Perhaps more than anything else, Bart's first words as a baby provide a window onto his character: "Aye, Carumba!" -- as true today as they were when first uttered.

Bart's Friend Milhouse

Bart Loves To Prank-Call Moe's

Otto The Bus Driver

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