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Adam's Home On The Web

Welcome To Adam's Home On The Web

Welcome to my home page! There's lots of stuff here that I hope will interest you, like the Simpsons, 
X-Files, Buffalo Sabres, Formula 1, and the McLaren F1 Page!

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My Cool Sites

My Formula 1 Racing Page   - Come get your F-1 Info! 
My X-Files Page   - Everything you need, or don't need, to know about the X-Files.
My Simpsons Page   - Come visit everyone's favourite family.
My Buffalo Sabres Page   - Come check out the pics!
My McLaren F1 Page - Come see the world's fastest legal road car!
My Hummer Page - Pics, sounds, links, and even a price and options chart!
My Guest Book - Sign the book! Let me know who you are!

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If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please mail me. I really appreciate your feedback.

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